This project is about deepening connection to intuition and consciously working to create the most amazingly fulfilling and healthy life, while having a lot of pleasure and fun along the way.

It's also about working towards a path of balance, but not beating ourselves up when we’re unbalanced. No self-criticism or guilt. Just gentleness and self-acceptance. 

Lastly, this project is about growth and pushing through fear. 


Yes, I’ve had my fair share of Vegas trips and boozy brunches. But alongside that I’ve also always been on a constant mission to learn as much as I can about wellness in its various forms, and about how we can find our purpose in this beautiful adventure of life.

I’ve spent weeks downward dogging, cleansing, and meditating at retreat centres around North America. I’ve used up nearly all of my money on numerous occasions to head off to spiritual and personal growth intensives, believing that those experiences are more valuable than any material possession I can buy. Yes, the clichés are true: Groups of free spirited women really can be seen dancing naked under the stars, drums echoing, fire blazing, hearts open. In my spare time, almost every book I’ve read, podcast I’ve listened to, or movie I’ve watched, over the last few years has been about nutrition, spirituality, and finding your calling. I’ve also studied Ayurveda (an ancient Indian holistic healing system based on the belief that health and wellness depend on balance between the mind, body, and spirit) at an ashram in Florida. And currently I'm in school to become a Medical Intuitive.

Now, a creative itch and strong nudge from deep within me is pushing me to share parts of this with you. So that’s what this space is about!  It will hopefully allow you to start benefiting from some of what I have learned, and what I will continue to learn, about health and spirituality and overall marvelous living.