San Miguel de Allende Travel Guide: Favourite Eats, Drinks, and Things to Do

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, is a beautiful inland colonial town that rewards those with a sense of curiosity. Because the majority of homes and businesses in the central core are tucked behind tall walls, you definitely need to keep your eyes peeled for hidden gems in courtyards and down narrow hallways. Although most popular with expat retirees, it’s definitely a unique and romantic spot for anyone to come and enjoy. There are endless reasons it made #1 spot on Conde Naste’s 2018 Best Cities in the World, and here are a few of our favourites!

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Sayulita Travel Guide: Best of Food, Drinks, and Fun

Located on the west coast of Mexico just 45 minutes from Puerto Vallarta, this charming surf town has exploded in popularity among North Americans. We can see why.

Big waves. Endless beach. Pom poms. Palm trees. Golf carts. Street tacos. Bright colours. Chill vibe. “Hippy-chic.” Beach vendors. Expensive boutiques. Street flags. Dogs everywhere.

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Why I Quit my Job and Bought a One-Way Ticket to the Unknown

Something has been stirring within me for quite some time now, craving freedom, expansion, and adventure. It is undoubtedly the ancient part of me, my eternal soul, asking for a significant change in routine and environment in order to grow in the ways it set out to in this lifetime. It wants to fully experience the magic and abundance that is available to all of us if we just have the courage to step outside of what is familiar and fall (with faith) into the great abyss of the unknown.

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