Sayulita Travel Guide: Best of Food, Drinks, and Fun

Located on the west coast of Mexico just 45 minutes from Puerto Vallarta, this charming surf town has exploded in popularity among North Americans. We can see why.

Big waves. Endless beach. Pom poms. Palm trees. Golf carts. Street tacos. Bright colours. Chill vibe. “Hippy-chic.” Beach vendors. Expensive boutiques. Street flags. Dogs everywhere.

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Paradise: Not for the Faint of Heart

We are now nearly six weeks into our trip and time living in our first stop, Sayulita! We’ve grown very fond of this charming surf town, and could picture ourselves here for much longer than our allotted time. I’m inspired and livened by the vibrancy all around me –the tastes, the music, the colour. It’s pure food for the soul. I’m soaking up the warmth of the air and the Mexican people, as well as the easy-going feel of this town.

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