Force It or Let It Flow: Life's Constant Challenge

“Let everything flow.” “Be in the groove.” “Follow your bliss.” “Be one with universal flow."

These kinds of phrases appear to be everywhere these days, both in everyday as well as in personal growth and spiritual development conversations. But what do they actually mean?  For those of you who have ever asked yourself that question, today’s blog is my best explanation.

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The Sweetness of Signs from the Universe and Damn Good Ice Cream

Four weekends of my year-long medical intuitive training are used for in-class sessions in Vancouver. It is a time to reconnect with my intimate group of classmates and teachers for a sharing of successes and challenges, learning of new concepts and skills, business planning, and maybe most importantly, reaffirming our sense of solidarity as we embark on this unconventional path together. We talk about spirit guides, after lives, angels, signs from the universe, energetic congestion, past lives, chakras, healing through the power of the mind, manifestation...

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