Paradise: Not for the Faint of Heart

We are now nearly six weeks into our trip and time living in our first stop, Sayulita! We’ve grown very fond of this charming surf town, and could picture ourselves here for much longer than our allotted time. I’m inspired and livened by the vibrancy all around me –the tastes, the music, the colour. It’s pure food for the soul. I’m soaking up the warmth of the air and the Mexican people, as well as the easy-going feel of this town.

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Force It or Let It Flow: Life's Constant Challenge

“Let everything flow.” “Be in the groove.” “Follow your bliss.” “Be one with universal flow."

These kinds of phrases appear to be everywhere these days, both in everyday as well as in personal growth and spiritual development conversations. But what do they actually mean?  For those of you who have ever asked yourself that question, today’s blog is my best explanation.

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