Hi! I’m Sarah.


Proudly passionate about flowers, rainbows, sunsets, festivals, and love. Yep, just brimming with 💗.

I’m from British Columbia, Canada, but am currently on a big travel adventure through Latin American with my boyfriend and our dog. I am an energy healer and an online ESL teacher with VIPKID, so I am able to earn $ while on the road. It’s pretty awesome!

For the past couple of years I’ve been focused on doing things that feel good and light me up, rather than just following the crowd or trying to please others (which is how I lived for most of my life, and I imagine it has been the same for many of you). I’m practicing making decisions based on intuition and how my body feels, as opposed to what my friends would do or what is considered safe and logical.

Yes, I’ve had my fair share of Vegas trips and boozy brunches. But alongside that I’ve also always been on a constant mission to learn as much as I can about wellness in its various forms, and about how we can find our purpose in this beautiful adventure of life. I’ve spent weeks downward dogging, cleansing, and meditating at retreat centers around North America. I’ve used up nearly all of my money on numerous occasions to head off to spiritual and personal growth intensives, believing that those experiences are more valuable than any material possession I can buy. Yes, the clichés are true: Groups of free spirited women really can be seen dancing naked under the stars, drums echoing, fire blazing, hearts open. In my spare time, almost every book I’ve read, podcast I’ve listened to, or movie I’ve watched, over the last few years has been about nutrition, spirituality, and finding your calling. I’ve also studied Ayurveda (an ancient Indian holistic healing system based on the belief that health and wellness depend on balance between the mind, body, and spirit) at an ashram in Florida.

I have a master’s degree in Psychology and am a certified medical intuitive. The field of medical intuition is based on the idea that physical dysfunctions and diseases have an emotional root, and it is possible to use our natural intuitive ability to reveal such causes in clients so that healing in the body can occur naturally. And it does, often miraculously.

Despite my passion for the world of wellness and alternative health, I also happen to be a human who really likes red wine and non-organic marshmallows and staying out dancing until the sun rises on occasion. Although I did try it for a while, I’ve decided that I actually don’t want become a sober vegan (no offence) in order to demonstrate my commitment to spiritual growth and health. And not only is that OK, but it’s so damn liberating.

I’ve decided that I can pursue a path in alternative healing, study intuition, and attend spiritual retreats, while also eating chocolate and drinking mojitos if that feels right. I'm getting rid of the either-or, black-and-white, mindset I once held, and this has created such an amazing sense of freedom and relief within me. I would even encourage you to do the same.

So right now I’m on a path to discovering even more fulfillment and depth and joy in my life, and am going to lovingly embrace the duality that exists within me along the way. This space is for sharing parts of my evolution with you – the challenges, the lessons, the bliss, the setbacks, the ah-ha moments, the health tips I’m testing out, and anything else I feel inspired to share. My hope is that some of this will help you to live your most radiant life as well. 


Thank you for being here. 

Check me out at www.sarahnattrass.com for intuitive healing work or here to learn more about the amazing perks of teaching English online!