Hi! I’m Sarah.


I live in the tiny lakeside town of Shawnigan Lake, BC, on Vancouver Island, and I am a Certified Medical Intuitive.

The field of medical intuition is based on the idea that physical dysfunctions and diseases have an emotional root, and it is possible to use our natural intuitive ability to reveal such causes in clients so that healing in the body can occur naturally. And it does, often miraculously. Yes, it may be considered a little "out there" by many and is still even hard for me to believe sometimes, but I also don't think I've had this much excitement for something since the Spice Girls so I’m going with it.

As a result, I've become pretty consumed by learning about all things intuition - how it is experienced in our bodies, what it can tell us, how to strengthen it, how it can lead us to finding our real joy- and I’m really excited about sharing this with you because I have a feeling it could lead to us all living happier and healthier lives. Who doesn't want that?

Lately I’ve been focused on doing things that feel good and light me up, rather than just following the crowd or trying to please others (which is how I lived for most of my life, and I imagine it has been the same for many of you). I’m trying to be kinder to my body, which involves more sleep, more dance, more positive mirror talk, and more kombucha. I’ve been dedicating a lot more of my time to “spiritual exploration” (and trying to figure out what that actually means). I’m forming healthy new habits that can basically be summarized as, “More meditating and less alcohol.” I’m trying to distance myself from my iPhone, instead carving out chunks of time for silence and solitude. I’m practicing making decisions based on intuition and how my body feels, as opposed to what my friends would do or what is safe and logical. Oh, and I’m exploring the concept of manifestation, which currently involves entering tons of sweepstakes and buying a lot of lottery tickets. Fingers crossed!

Basically, I’m trying to adopt new conscious ways of being,  in order to grow into a more fulfilled, conscious, healthier version of my current self.

Sounds easy, right?  I wish.

Despite my greatest intentions for self-improvement, I also happen to be human. Specifically, a human who really likes red wine and non-organic marshmallows and staying out dancing until the sun rises on occasion. Although I did try it for a while, I’ve decided that I actually don’t want become a sober vegan (no offence) in order to demonstrate my commitment to spiritual growth and health. And not only is that O.K., but it is so damn liberating.

I’ve decided that I can pursue a path in alternative healing, study intuition, and attend spiritual retreats, while also eating chocolate and drinking mojitos if that feels right. I'm getting rid of the either-or, black-and-white, mindset I once held, and this has created such an amazing sense of freedom and relief within me. I would even encourage you to do the same.

So right now I’m on a path to even more fulfillment and depth and joy in my life, and am going to lovingly embrace the duality that exists within me along the way. I’m a little fearful, but mostly a lot excited. I’ll be sharing parts of my evolution with you – the challenges, the lessons, the bliss, the setbacks, the ah-ha moments, the health tips I’m testing out, and anything else I feel inspired to share. My hope is that some of this will help you to live your most radiant life as well. 

Thank you for being here. 

Check me out at www.sarahnattrass.com for medical intuitive work.